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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over teeth to restore their shape, size, strength, or appearance. A crown not only strengthens a tooth but can also dramatically improve a tooth’s appearance, shape, and alignment. When the crown adheres into place, it will fully encase the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line.

Dental crowns may be used to:

  • Replace a large filling when only minimal tooth structure remains
  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing
  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Attach a dental bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment

Learn More About Dental Crowns

Want to know if you’re a candidate for a dental crown? Your next step is to request an appointment with one of our dentists in Shelby Township, MI. During your consultation, they’ll examine the inside of your mouth, take X-rays, and come up with a treatment plan to restore your smile and oral health. To get started and learn more about your options for restorative dentistry, call Frank P. Ruffino DDS at (586) 799-4240.

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